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MANNA is a developmental disability centre providing holistic development to children with special needs in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka for the past two years. MANNA focuses on children with development disorders like Autism, Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Many instances and examples prove to us that given the opportunity, children with disabilities are able to overcome their challenges and live productive and healthy lives. However, most often these opportunities are not available to special children, especially children from low income families mainly due to ignorance, lack of access to support and services and lack of finances.

Children develop rapidly during the first three years of life, so early detection and one to one interventions are particularly important during this period. Children who have been fortunate to be identified early and who are provided early interventions are able to perform better, academically and socially.

One to one early therapy helps to focus on the development of the special need of the child and builds up on the strength of the child. It improves learning, communication and social skills in young children and helps to maximize their potential.

Millions of children suffer needlessly as the disabilities are not identified early and if identified are ignored.

In fact people are mostly ignorant of developmental disorders and often pay no attention to the need of the special child.

In addition, interventions are expensive and not easily accessible to low income families. The children are therefore often sent to mainstream schools where they are ignored, isolated and discriminated. Lack of flexibility in curriculum, being bullied by others in the class and not getting adequate attention from the teacher are common issues in schools. All these may result in the child being discriminated, and unable to function independently as an individual in the community.

At MANNA, we firmly believe that children with developmental disorders can be nurtured to develop basic developmental and functional skills and be mainstreamed into society to live healthy rewarding lives, through early identification and positive therapeutic intervention. Special children can be helped to interact and connect with others, express themselves and develop meaningful relationships. MANNA advocates community based care, which is working with families and schools to build upon the child’s strengths and develop their abilities.

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